Exhibition on the Jewish merchant families at the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

From November 9 to November 23, 2021, the exhibition “The Jewish Merchant Families in Stralsund” will be shown on the stage of the Audimax of the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences. The exhibition informs about places of Jewish history in Stralsund and presents biographies of formative merchant families, such as Wertheim, Tietz, Blach and Cohn. The exhibition conveys the history of the large department store groups that originated in Stralsund, as well as the local merchants. It also shows how and where the destruction of Jewish life in Stralsund and the fates of the Jewish merchant families are remembered today. The exhibition has been sponsored by the Foundation for Volunteerism and Civic Engagement in Güstrow as well as by donations from the two IT companies adesso AG and affinis GmbH, which operate branches in Stralsund.

Due to the pandemic, the exhibition is not open to the public. However, individual registrations are possible by arrangement. For this purpose, please contact the sponsoring association by mail.

Link: https://www.hochschule-stralsund.de/host/aktuelles/news/detail/n/die-juedischen-kaufmannsfamilien-in-stralsund/