Friends association

Stralsund as the place of origin of the Wertheim and Tietz department stores is little known to the public. The communication of this heritage is at the forefront of our work.

Our mission

The history of the department stores Wertheim and Tietz and especially their origin in Stralsund are little known to the public. At the historical sites, in museums, on city tours, and in tourist information offers, this historical feature does not seem to be adequately represented. Under this impression, the Förderverein Historische Warenhäuser Wertheim und Tietz in Stralsund e. V. was founded in 2011. The non-profit association aims to convey the importance of Stralsund and the role of its Jewish merchants and traders in the development of department store culture and also to interest locals and guests in the city’s Jewish history. For further exhibitions and educational work, the association is looking for and collecting original objects, historical photographs, and documents.

The work of the association is also focused on making itself and its purpose known and thus attracting new members and donors.