Book presentation and reading within JLID2021

As part of the year of celebration “1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany”, our association member, Mrs. Uta Reichel, presented and read from the book “The Most Precious of Goods” by Jean-Claude Grünberg at the Stralsund City Library on September 24. The story takes place in Poland in 1942. A freight train travels through the snow to a concentration camp. A poor woodcutter’s wife eagerly awaits the train – as she does every day. Hunger is omnipresent and maybe the train will leave something eatable after all? On the train there is also a young Jewish father who has given up all hope of survival. The train slowly enters a curve, through the boarded hatch a bundle lands in the soft snow, the woodcutter’s wife rushes to take possession of the good that the train has given her. The manor lives… Jean-Claude Grünberg’s book is a touching novel about love and humanity in hopeless times.