Exhibition on Leonhard Tietz opened

The exhibition “140 years of Leonhard Tietz in Stralsund” started on December 11, 2019. Dr. Maren Heun, director of the Stralsund Museum, referred at the opening to the appropriate location of the exhibition in the former Krämer and now Museum House. The exhibition is placed in the hallway and is thus (temporarily) part of the over 600-year history of the house. In his remarks on the innovative business policy, governance and corporate social responsibility of Leonhard Tietz AG, Prof. Dr. Michael Klotz, 1st Chairman of the Sponsors’ Association, drew parallels with today’s requirements for responsible corporate management. It thus became clear that Leonhard Tietz was an exemplary corporate manager even by today’s standards. Mr. Bernd Schubert, representative of the Parliamentary State Secretary for Western Pomerania, took the opportunity to present the association with a commitment to support the exhibition from the resources of the Western Pomerania Fund. Afterwards, the guests at the exhibition opening were able to learn about the economic activities of the Tietz couple in Stralsund, Cologne and Düsseldorf and the origins of Leonhard Tietz AG, as well as examine original exhibits such as cutlery from the refreshment room in the Stralsund department store or a goods voucher for ten gold pennies from 1924. 

Photo: Förderverein Historische Warenhäuser Wertheim und Tietz in Stralsund e. V. (from left to right: Nadine Garling, Dr. Maren Heun, Prof. Dr. Michael Klotz)