Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs Movie Night

Three women. Three generations. One fate. The Filmclub Blendwerk e.V. shows in cooperation with the Förderverein Historische Warenhäuser Wertheim und Tietz in Stralsund e. V. on November 15, 2018 at 20:00 the film Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs (Austria, Germany 2016, 120 min., FSK: 12 R: Andreas Gruber D.: Nike Seitz, Franziska Weisz, Johannes Silberschneider, Hannelore Elsner et al).
Wels, Upper Austria, 1967: Just don’t stand out is the top priority in Hanna’s family. This is just as important to her mother Katharina as the regular visits to the Catholic mass of priest Angerer. The clever girl instinctively senses that something is wrong with the family’s way of life and, supported by her resolute grandmother Ruth, discovers the secret of her Jewish identity. Hanna begins to understand her mother’s fear, but does not want to hide any further. The sleeping dogs of the past in the still Nazi-infested village are already awakened anyway.
Trailer for the film
Venue: Church of Culture St. Jakobi